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3 Makeup Mistakes To Avoid On Your Wedding Day

Planning a wedding is an exciting experience, but making so many decisions can make the planning process overwhelming. As the bride, you probably already have a clear vision on your dress, accessories, and hairstyle while walking down the aisle. Unfortunately, you may not have placed much thought into your makeup. If you are part of the 2.3 million couples who will wed this year, you should also plan your makeup application. Read More 

Smile For The Camera! How Makeup Artists Make Political Candidates Look Their Best

There actually are makeup artists who specialize in practicing their craft on politicians. When running for or serving in office, looking their best for the cameras is an essential, with the key being to make the candidate look at natural as possible. Kill the Shine Under the bright lights of a sound stage or out on the stump on a summer day, candidates are bound to perspire, causing makeup to melt and run, which can be an absolute disaster. Read More 

3 Advantages To Attending Cosmetology School

Going to cosmetology school is a great way to get a good job, and have the life that you want. Many people choose to go to cosmetology school and for good reasoning. There are many benefits to becoming a cosmetologist. Here are some of the advantages of going to cosmetology school. 1. It Is An Accelerated Program One of the greatest perks of cosmetology school is that it is an accelerated program. Read More