3 Birthday Gift Ideas for a Teen Daughter with Sensitive Skin

If you're like most parents, it can be tough to come up with gift ideas that your teenage daughter is actually going to appreciate. However, if she happens to have sensitive skin, there are some interesting gift ideas you can consider to help her feel healthy and beautiful on her special day. Here are three interesting gift ideas that just may win you a parent-of-the-year award:

Organic Deodorant

If your teen has problems wearing traditional commercial deodorant, consider gifting them with a couple of containers of organic deodorant. Your local stores may not carry natural organic deodorants, but you'll find plenty of options on the Internet to buy organic handmade deodorant for women. Look for an organic deodorant that is handmade using ingredients you can actually recognize and pronounce; this ensures your teen doesn't experience any negative side effects when using it. Consider wrapping the deodorant in a new outfit or with an organic makeup kit to make it a fun surprise as opposed to just a necessary one.

Lip Balm Ingredients

More than likely, your teen enjoys wearing lip balm on a regular basis. A great way to surprise her on her birthday is to put together a kit full of the ingredients she'll need to make her own lip balm at home. Lip balm containers, bees wax, coconut oil, and natural color additives are all she needs to create her own set of lip balms for herself and friends without having to worry about any allergic reactions. Pack all the tools and ingredients in a small makeup case so it's easy to store and make use of at any given time. She can store the kit under her bed or in a drawer when not in use, and simply set it up on the dining room table when she's ready to make a new batch.

An Essential Oil Kit

Gifting your teen with an essential oil kit for their birthday will give them an opportunity to maintain happier, healthier skin long-term. Many essential oils offer relief for sensitive skin such as:

  • Lavender: Acts as an anti-inflammatory as well as soothes and cools the skin.
  • Tea Tree: Helps fight acne and keeps germs at bay.
  • Chamomile: Reduces inflammation and redness in the skin.
  • Rose: Hydrates and moisturizes the skin.

Gather a variety of essential oils, an oil diffuser, a couple of mixing containers, and some cotton balls to complete your gift kit.