3 Makeup Mistakes To Avoid On Your Wedding Day

Planning a wedding is an exciting experience, but making so many decisions can make the planning process overwhelming. As the bride, you probably already have a clear vision on your dress, accessories, and hairstyle while walking down the aisle. Unfortunately, you may not have placed much thought into your makeup. If you are part of the 2.3 million couples who will wed this year, you should also plan your makeup application. Using this list of DON'Ts when applying makeup, your bridal look and wedding day photos will be appealing and memorable.

Wear Lipstick/Lip Gloss

Most brides will reach for a bright or dark colored lipstick that pops out against their white dress. Unfortunately, wearing dark colors on the lips will decrease the bright, white color of your smile. In addition, the shiny finish left on the lips with gloss can create a glare in your photos.

Lastly, lipstick and gloss wears off quickly. Considering the amount of kissing you will most likely be doing on your wedding day, using a durable lip stain is a smarter alternative. To prevent lipstick or glass from wearing off on your veil or your groom, use a lip stain in a natural, muted color.

Trying a New Look

Your wedding day is not the time to try out a new look, since your groom will not want to see a stranger walking up the aisle. Although you should use some extra effort on your wedding day, your makeup application should not make you look like a different person.

To ensure you look like a defined, refinished version of yourself, consider hiring an airbrush makeup artist, such as those at Khuraira Cosmetics, for your wedding day. This innovative method of applying makeup involves a specialized sprayer that mists a fine layer of foundation onto your face, neck, and chest area if necessary.

Airbrushing the foundation covers any flaws and imperfections without making a cakey, heavy buildup on your face. Not only will this give your makeup a natural feel, but this durable application of makeup will also last your entire wedding day without the worry of constant touchups.

Overly Done Eyes

Many women apply an excessive amount of dark shadow, mascara, and eyeliner, but this is not acceptable on your wedding day. Using darker colors on the eyes creates a sultry, sexy look that may be attractive in person, but these darker tones will also cast shadows around your eyes in wedding photos.

For your wedding day, apply a longer-lasting cream shadow in lighter shades. Tan or beige, soft blues, and light grays are suitable eyeshadow options. Be sure to choose waterproof mascara and eyeliners in brown or a soft gray to avoid any runny after crying.

Your makeup application should be a priority on your wedding day. With these tips on things to avoid and the help of professionals, your wedding day makeup will be attractive in person and on camera.