Smile For The Camera! How Makeup Artists Make Political Candidates Look Their Best

There actually are makeup artists who specialize in practicing their craft on politicians. When running for or serving in office, looking their best for the cameras is an essential, with the key being to make the candidate look at natural as possible.

Kill the Shine

Under the bright lights of a sound stage or out on the stump on a summer day, candidates are bound to perspire, causing makeup to melt and run, which can be an absolute disaster. There is no waterproof makeup that can withstand a summer day in the South, so makeup artists are always there to powder noses and dab at foreheads. The key to having their candidates always look natural is to use a makeup tone that matches their skin tone, so the streaking won't be obvious.

Cover Up the Flaws

Some candidates have a little something to hide, like a small bald spot or bags under the eyes. A talented makeup artist has all sorts of tricks to hide flaws and make their candidate look younger and more vital. Candidates often get tired and develop puffiness around their eyes on the campaign trail. Getting rid of this can be as easy as putting a little shrinking cream around the eyes to lessen the swelling. A good eye cream that fills in fine lines followed by an artfully applied light-textured concealer in a shade slightly darker than the foundation, and you'll never know those puffy eyes ever existed. A few redness-removing eye drops make the candidate look awake and alert.

Perk Up A Tired Face

Tired looking skin can also adds years to a candidate's face, so being able to give them a healthy, youthful glow can be vital. Proper skin care is the key here. Exfoliation by using scrubs or a light facial peel takes away dull, flaky skin and fine lines. A nice, toning mask can tighten sagging skin and improve texture. Just the right moisturizer plumps the skin and makes it appear moist and healthy.

Don't Forget the Hands

Hands are one of the first places that age shows, so makeup artists take pains to see that the candidate's hands match their face. First, the color has to match. There have been public relations disasters where the candidates' faces were darker or lighter than their hands. If the candidate has had some facial work done to look younger, their hands still may bear age spots that give it away. It's important they don' have a 40-something face with 70-something hands.

In our youth-obsessed society, politicians must look as healthy and vibrant as possible. A talented professional makeup artist can literally take a tired, sleep-deprived, aging politician and make them look many years younger before they go out to greet their supporters. Click here for more information.