Teaching Key Hygiene Practices

Picking the Perfect Polish Color

When it comes to making yourself feel more attractive, a simple coat of nail polish can go a long way. Finding the perfect color for your next manicure can seem challenging when you consider the many nail-polish colors available on the market today. If you find yourself spending more time worrying about color selection than you'd like, here are three simple tips that you can use to help narrow your options and pick the perfect polish for your next manicure. Read More 

Stop the Chap: Wintertime Tips for Moisturized Skin

Wintertime can be a warm, fun time when holiday decorations brighten up the nighttime streets and carols ooze through the radio in every store you shop at. However, wintertime can also be home to biting winds, bitter cold, and chapped lips. So how do you get through the most wonderful time of the year without your hands, elbows, face, and other parts of your body cracking and breaking due to their being too dry? Read More 

3 Birthday Gift Ideas for a Teen Daughter with Sensitive Skin

If you're like most parents, it can be tough to come up with gift ideas that your teenage daughter is actually going to appreciate. However, if she happens to have sensitive skin, there are some interesting gift ideas you can consider to help her feel healthy and beautiful on her special day. Here are three interesting gift ideas that just may win you a parent-of-the-year award: Organic Deodorant If your teen has problems wearing traditional commercial deodorant, consider gifting them with a couple of containers of organic deodorant. Read More 

How To Feel Confidant About The Quality Of Hand Crafted Soap

It is not unusual to see handmade soap at flea markets, farmer's markets, craft fairs and through online sellers. These soaps are often incredibly colorful and contain interesting ingredients like goat's milk or rose petals. As pretty as they are, they are not designed for sitting in a display dish in the bathroom. They are carefully crafted for people to use and enjoy. Since some consumers may feel uncomfortable about using a product that is not as strictly regulated as the brands made by large corporations, it can be helpful to know how to be more assured of its quality. Read More 

How To Avoid Purchasing Fake Face Makeup Online

When you buy face makeup, or any beauty products online, you have to show a lot of care. There's nothing wrong with buying makeup online. It's a convenient time-saver, and typically offers far more options than a retail store. However, there's a large danger associated with purchasing fake makeup. Here's how to avoid it. So What's So Dangerous About Fake Makeup? There are many name brands out there that people automatically associate with high-quality products. Read More